Hi! I'm John McLane (aka John Grammy). I have gazillions of years of experience with recordings of every type of music imaginable... as a professional engineer, producer, multi-instrumentalist & general underachiever in various major markets including Los Angeles, Atlanta & Miami.  This includes work with Saxon, Henry Gross, Derek St Holmes, Morris Albert, Livingston Taylor, Angela Bowie; members of Spirit, Survivor, Head East, The O'Jays, War,  Bad Company, Tommy Roe Band & even The Four Freshmen. 


       Just for reference, I play keyboards, guitar,  drums, bass, saxophone, trombone, steel pan & am also a vocalist.  And, yes, I do read music & logged a lot of study in arranging & music theory back 'in the day'.


       Enough of these cheesy credentials!  They won't even score a free beer at The Evil Tiki!